3.    The Lead

  The lead sentence, or more accurately, the unit of lead sentences, is another concept which is borrowed from journalistic technique. These lead sentence are sometimes little more than headlines for each section.
   You should use the lead to highlight the important points you are trying to make with the motion. The inverted pyramid style conveys pertinent information in a powerful fashion to persons who may only glance at the first few paragraphs of the document, and compels the indifferent reader to continue reading. The paragraphs should be broken into small segments, with numerous mini-headlines.  
   Don't be afraid to use all the desktop publishing skills and resources at your command. Bullets are effective.  Yes, pictures, too; and color if you can afford it!          

Examples of the Lead
   (a)    Judge Patrick A. Pirtle's Choking- Justice-To-Death Gag Order Is Unfair.
When counsel received the order and letter of Judge Pirtle restricting their conversation with the media about Randall Sherrod and Dr. Ralph Erdmann, counsel felt the choking-justice-to-death gag order was grossly unfair, as it silenced counsel at a critical moment when counsel was about to reveal Randall Sherrod's misconduct to the world.
  (b)    The Wrongdoings of Dr. Erdmann, District Attorney Randall Sherrod, And the State of Texas Has Prejudiced The Rights Of Douglas Palmer
There is one overriding truth in this case -- that truth is that Douglas Palmer did not intend to inflict any injury to Mr. Merriman that would have resulted in his death.
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