How do I change the name and company identity on a computer?

Go to the Start menu

click on Run

in the Run box and type    regedit

Click OK

You will then see a list of Registry keys that look like folders



then, Microsoft

then, Windows NT

then, on  Current Version folder

Another series of icons will appear on the right side of the window

in the right pane double-click on RegisteredOrganizations icon

In the Value data box, type the company name you wish to use, or remove the name and leave the entry blank, and click OK

Then, double-click on Registered-Owner and in the Value data box, type the name that you wish to use and click OK

When this is complete, go to the File menu and select Exit to quit the Registry Editor program

If the computer operates, as you expect then you may wish to change the System Restore point.


Changing the Computer Name on the Network is Different

Right-click My Computer.

Click Properties.

Then Click on the Compute Name Tab